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When all that's left for us to do is dwell in despair, Black Comedy brings out the smiles and the laughter. Kubrick, no matter how sick and twisted his movies may have been, used Black Comedy with relentless expertise.

This site is an inside look at Black Comedy; we will define the genre, look at its greatest movies, and ultimately discover how rich Kubrick's films are in the most satirical form of comedy.

This is our English 1102 website dedicated to professor Rodney Hill. Using his limitless knowledge of everything Kubrick and steadfast obsession with his films, we have created the ultimate website dedicated to Kubrick's use of Black Comedy (...well, we used some of our own research too). Despite the fact we are students at the Georgia Institute of Technology, we can still analyze film and literature. Enjoy the Site!!!

P.S. To HELL with georgia!!!

From disturbing to absurd, we analyze it all!
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